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Dr. Alisha White, MD

Focus on your Well-Being in 2019

   The beginning of the year is hopefully a time where you have been refreshed by rest and love over the Holidays.  As you move into the new year, take inventory of yourself.  Think about who you want to be and how you want to connect with others.  Take time to evaluate the corners of your life.  In your soul, search to see if this is the year to make positive changes in your physical, emotional, or spiritual health.  Maybe it is time to try new intellectual activities, change your environment, or make modifications in your occupation.  Search your soul deeply to see what it is yearning for in 2019.  Don't let another year pass you by.  

   At Transformative Healthcare, we have 2 new programs.  The first is the Move Better, Feel Better, Look Better Program for weight loss.  Imagine what losing 10-30 pounds would do for you in 2019. The second program is Better Breathing, Better Lungs.  If you are interested in quitting smoking, this program may be for you.  Also, I have strengthened relationships with mental health providers in the community to assist patients with emotional well-being. 

   In the office, you will be meeting Ms. Jasmine Newsome my new Medical Assistant.  We are here to help you reach your goals.  


The Practice


Providing comprehensive healthcare in a relaxed setting.  Helping you improve your overall well-being. 

Goal-Oriented Care

Move Better, Feel Better, Look Better Obesity Management Program

Better Lungs and Better Breathing Program

Coordination of care to improve mental health

Action plans for improving chronic health conditions

Coordination of care for overall well-being

A Physician That Cares

If you believe change is possible, I am looking forward to helping you. Please call my office and schedule an appointment.


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Skills:  Diagnosis, Management and Treatment of Acute and Chronic Health Conditions. Preventative Healthcare. 


Medical School:  University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine

Residency:  McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois


Board-Certified in Internal Medicine.   For over 10 years, I have practiced medicine in Illinois.


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Dr. Alisha White, MD


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